Birthday of our colleague’s child

Birthday of our colleague’s child

Birthday of our colleague’s child 560 420 Pandtec | پندتک

Birthday of our colleague’s child

The first celebration of the birth of Mr. Javari’s son was held on 2019/8/8 at Pandek Company. The event was attended by the CEO, HR consultant, PR and other partners. Mr. Motamed said at the ceremony that he was pleased to hold such a ceremony: “Such a ceremony is a good excuse to meet with our colleagues directly and to create a joyful and welcoming atmosphere among the staff.” He added: “This initiative was developed based on Pinding Control Company’s approach in promoting work motivation, productivity, creating intimacy and internal communication among colleagues and should be sustained and also a result of the company’s dynamics and growth. With the double effort of our partners we have been able to achieve this important event.

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In 1989, the company started to produce electronic scales for general store use nationwide. Extensive studies have begun to accomplish this goal, and quality has been at the forefront of the company’s agenda. Since then, Pand has been a pioneer in the domestic production, industry and development of the country through the use of dedicated and specialized forces, customer-oriented and consumer satisfaction, pioneering and innovating the industry and producing quality products.

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