PrandTraffic Department is a powerful team in designing, manufacturing and supplying of road weighing equipment, which by providing weight control and speeding vehicles, in order to improve the quality of road and urban transport infrastructure of the country, providing efficient and effective facilities for clients such as Offers road departments, municipalities, traffic police, cargo terminals, mines and heavy industry complexes

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Our Missions

Define the following missions at Dara Electronics with the support of specialist forces and connect with the world’s best brands.

Customer satisfaction

Providing the most complete maintenance and support services for products and solutions
Providing the most appropriate solution to meet customer needs Provide user training courses for clients Offline Remote Support (IoT) service on 7/24/365 (Twenty-four hours – All weekdays – All 365 days a year)

Being up to date

Keep up to date with the world’s top industry leaders and take advantage of their latest achievements
Transfer technical knowledge, technology and skills to the most up-to-date equipment in the world
Sending forces to claiming industrialized countries around the world to achieve complex goals in technology transfer

Spreading innovation

Using efficient, experienced and elite youth
Welcoming and appreciating the creative ideas of active and intelligent forces
Investing and creating the right environment for R&D

Part of our honors in this company

PandTraffic is a subsidiary of our team in the field of weighing which has been able to make a big contribution to the development of the Iranian industry by presenting the most up-to-date solutions.



About Pandtec Industrial Group

In 1989, the company started to produce electronic scales for general store use nationwide. Extensive studies have begun to accomplish this goal, and quality has been at the forefront of the company’s agenda. Since then, Pand has been a pioneer in the domestic production, industry and development of the country through the use of dedicated and specialized forces, customer-oriented and consumer satisfaction, pioneering and innovating the industry and producing quality products.

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No. 78, between Niloufar and Norouzi Alley, Shahid Kazem Nashouh Street, Hakimieh, Tehran, Iran


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