Working in the field of weighing systems in Pandtec Company since the 80’s and also in the Pand Industrial Group since the 60’s as the core of the company’s activities, it has unique technical knowledge, experience and connections with the weighing world.

Weighing Parts


In this section we have assembled the best quality parts from the top brands in the world to offer to our customers in the collection as follows: Load Cell, Display, Junction Box, Cable, Cap.


Industrial & Retail Scales

By relying on specialized and skilled workforce we have been able to produce high quality products suitable for different industries. Products such as: Basic Scales, floor scales, Hanging Scales


Intelligent Road Weighing Solutions (ITS)

Considering the need of public and private organizations to cover shipping fleets to prevent overweight and speeding violations, we have tried to provide the best possible solutions to our customers’ needs in the field of fixed and mobile road weighting and speed control equipment. Features and solutions such as: Weighing in Motion Systems (WIM), Axle-Weigher, Wheel Weigher, Speed Control Camera, Numerical Plate Recognizer and PAX Weight Management Software.


Weighing Automation Solutions


We have always tried to provide specific weights for various industries, some of which are: conveyor weights, rail weights, airport weights, loader weights, slaughter weights, hospital weights, tank weights, container weights, Special Load cells, explosion-proof Load cells, Special Industrial Indicators

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Part of our pride in this industry

Our subsidiary teams in these fields have been able to make a major contribution to the development of the industry by presenting the most up-to-date solutions.


Pandtec Industrial Group in the field of weighing

In addition to holding various seats in domestic and union standards and trade unions, Pandtec represents more than 20 prestigious American, European and Asian companies in various fields, including weighing components and display equipment such as load sensing and display equipment. It has a lot of experience in this field and has been able to contribute greatly to the promotion of the knowledge and weighing industry in the country as well as to the partners in the weighing industry

Interested in collaborating on weighing?

Pendtec support team is always ready to work with your loved ones in the weighing industry. Simply share your questions and suggestions with us by contacting us so that our experts will contact you as soon as possible and begin your effective relationship with Singleton.

About Pandtec Industrial Group

In 1989, the company started to produce electronic scales for general store use nationwide. Extensive studies have begun to accomplish this goal, and quality has been at the forefront of the company’s agenda. Since then, Pand has been a pioneer in the domestic production, industry and development of the country through the use of dedicated and specialized forces, customer-oriented and consumer satisfaction, pioneering and innovating the industry and producing quality products.

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No. 78, between Niloufar and Norouzi Alley, Shahid Kazem Nashouh Street, Hakimieh, Tehran, Iran


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